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EUROBALLOON is your premium inflatable and signage provider. We manufacture, design and develop custom made inflatable advertising products for all your specific needs. We are the leader and at the forefront in designing custom inflatables and signage displays. When it comes to creating custom displays, we have the experience and knowledge of delivering unique custom work that you can be proud of. We help you dramatically increase your business and profits through our wide range of inflatable advertising products, large format displays and signage.

Some of the services we offer:

  • we provide marketers and advertisers with the finest inflatable advertising balloons, large format printing, displays and signage.
  • we provide effective communication solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • we use only the highest quality materials to construct inflatable products for longer durability and easier operation.

Portability and Simplicity is considered in everything we create. Our well trained and experienced staff will be more then glad to discuss your project needs and goals and help you with any suggestions, ideas, concepts and innovative solutions that you may have.

Some of the advertising products we offer are giant inflatables, giant balloon, inflatable miniature replicas, skydancers, helium blimps, abatex, inflatable costumes, hot air balloon shape, flexbillboards, flexblade, flex banner, inflatable tents, pop up tents, portaboards, inflatable golf range, inflatable spheres, inflatable balls, inflatable arches, inflatable tunnels, thunderstix,trade show banners, holiday inflatables , inflatables, advertising flag, business advertising sign, cold air inflatables, trade show advertising, and advertising banners.We can Digitally print (large and grand format), Dye Sublimate, Screen Print, Offset Print, paint on: PVC, Nylons, Polyester, Special Coated Polyester taffeta, Fabrics, Rip Stop Nylon, Banner Vinyl, Adhesive Vinyl, Banner Fabrics, Backlit films and much more.

EUROBALLOON delivers inflatable advertising and signage solutions to many of the most successful brands and many of the most demanding marketers. We work attentively with our clients to ensure the materialization of your inflatable advertising vision. You may custom design our entire product range, including  giant inflatables, skydancers, helium blimps, the classic inflatable advertising balloon, and non inflatables like banners and pop up tents. Learn more about advertising inflatable products that demonstrate the expert talent and capability that led Above, for all your advertising campaigns and design needs, there is just one name to remember : EUROBALLOON.EU and COM

Please don't hesitate to contact us, and we will do our best, in cooperation with you, to find the perfect solution for your needs.

Here are some of our:

Floating products/Helium-filled products

EA Games

EA Games sphere for Helium, D:3 m


DSB S-Train for Helium, L:5,5 m x H:2,5 m x D:2,5 m

This was raised above Rådhuspladsen in Copenhagen as a part of a bigger DSB Campaign for new time schedules.

Global Instruments

Timisoreana Zeppelin for Helium, L:7 m

Part of a bigger order for Romanian customer


GoodYear Zeppelin for Helium, L:6,5 m


Volvo Zeppelin for Helium, L:6,5 m


JBL Zeppelin for Helium, L:6,5 m


Infinity Zeppelin for Helium, L:6,5 m


FDB Coffee Cup for Helium, W:4 m x H:3 m, 21 m³


VELOS Pig for Helium, L:3 m

JTN Automatik

JTN Automatik Sphere for Helium, D:3 m

Experience Company

Experience Company Pig for Helium, L:4,5 m


Dreyer flush-it Zeppelin for Helium, L:7 m

Sjælsø Gruppen

MAN sphere for Sjælsø Gruppen, D:3 m

Used at a building site to illustrate the size of a future building

Standing products/Air-filled products


UnoX Animals elephant, gepard & crocodile for Air, L:5 m


Kelloggs Characters Coco and Cornelius for Air, H:2 m

Hot n'Sweet

Hot n'Sweet Giant bottle for air, H:8 m

Hot n'Sweet Giant bottle for air, H:1,2 m


Sanetto Pig for Air, L:2 m


Kansas Overalls for Air, H:5 m

Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk Goal - portal for Air, L:5,5 m x H:4 m x D:1 m

Puls Sport Portal

Puls Sport Goal - portal for Air, L:5,5 m x H:4 m x D:1 m

Used at PULSløbet 2005


Flush for air, D:60 cm

Agenda Group

Agenda Group - Hearts for air, D:60 cm


DSB S-Train for Air, L:3 x H:1,5 x D:1,5 m

Several trains were placed around Copenhagen, as a part of a bigger DSB campaign for new time schedules.

Sygehus Vendsyssel

Hot Air balloon for air, H:3 m


Highway To Hell - portal for air produceret for Zignal, L:8 m x H:3 m x D:1 m

Team Cykling Ringsted

TCR Team Cykling Ringsted - portal for air


Zignal - portal for air with Velcro

Miscellaneous Inflatable Products